The Hearts and Arrows Diamond

The Hearts and ArrowsTMCut Diamond cut was first discovered in Japan in the 1980's. Using the Hearts and ArrowsTMloupe, one can view eight (8) Arrows from the top of the diamond, and eight (8) Hearts from the bottom - hence the name, Heartsnd ArrowsTM. All facets should be perfectly symmetrical and equally proportioned to produce this visual phenomenon.

Because of its Perfect Symmetry and Equal Proportion, Hearts and ArrowsTMcut diamonds produce far more brilliance than any ordinary cut diamond. Hearts and ArrowsTMcuts are more difficult to polish which make it rare compared to the ordinary cut, but the difference in price is not too wide.

Hearts and ArrowsTMcut diamonds and other Hearts and ArrowsTMproducts are sure to be conflict free because the stones originate from Belgium and New York – all members of the conflict-free process organization also known as the Kimberley Process, certified by authorized gemological institutes, such as the Gemological Institute of America or GIA.