The Company

Special moments captured in the most brilliant way.

Hearts & Arrows Philippines is the country’s first official retailer of the special “Hearts and Arrows” diamond. The “Hearts and Arrows” diamond derives its name from its unique cut that captures and reflects radiance like no other. Crafted with precision to the perfect proportions, the diamond’s exquisite optical pattern of eight (8) hearts and eight (8) arrows is visible even to the untrained eye when magnified through a loupe. Increasingly valued by jewelry enthusiasts around the world, the “Hearts and Arrows” diamond is truly a gem like no other.

Hearts & Arrows Philippines has been committed to bringing world-class jewelries to the Filipino market since 2003. We currently has nineteen (19) stores and five (5) department store counters strategically located all over the country. Dedicated to helping Filipinos celebrate life’s special moments, the Hearts & Arrows brand continues to grow and capture hearts with exquisitely brilliant products at great value.