The Forgotten C

You’ve probably heard that when you hire you should look at the threeC’s. That’s…

- Competency

- Chemistry

It really makes sense doesn’t it? However, the one that I’ve most often overlooked to my own hurt isChemistry. I figured if they had strong character and were very competent in their skill set – we’re good to go.


If the person isn’t a good fit for the culture of your organization you’ll regret it. We’ve had people who just couldn’t take our creative, flexible, turn on a dime environment. It wasn’t that they weren’t talented – they just could’t thrive in our culture.

If the person doesn’t connect with your existing team it’s not going to work either. It doesn’t make them a bad person – they’re personality just doesn’t click with everyone else. As a result they’ll get on the team’s nerves and the team will get on their nerves.

Look forCharacter– very important!

Look for someone who is Competent– that’s huge!

But don’t make the all too common mistake of overlookingChemistry. If you do, you’ll eventually regret it.

The King Of Cut

April Fools? The Weinstein Company announced today that the PG-13 version of big Oscar winner The King’s Speech will open on April 1. The film was originally rated R for a string of expletives uttered by Colin Firth as his character, King George VI, attempts to break through his stutter. Because violence is OK but a couple instances of the word ‘fuck’ aren’t, that was enough to land the film with an R.

When this cut goes out to theaters it will be on 1000 screens, replacing the R-rated version that is currently being shown. So if you want to see the original cut of the film on the big screen, you have eight more days, counting today. Deadline reports that the PG-13 cut involves replacing all the instances of ‘fuck’ with the word ‘shit.’ Otherwise, it is exactly the same as the R-rated version. April Fool’s indeed. Wonder if director (sorry, Best Director) Tom Hooper still disapproves of this move? I’d expect so. The press release is after the break.