The Company

In 1968, the Lenko DiamondsTMCompany started a diamond wholesale business in Taiwan. Twenty years, later, the company transformed to build jewellery factories, also in Taiwan, and collaborated with other jewellery companies in Hong Kong, Germany, and Belguim.

In 2003, the Lenko DiamondsTMCompany entered into a joint venture with what is now Hearts and ArrowsTM.

It is in Hearts and ArrowsTMmission to continue the growing legacy of Lenko DiamondsTMCompany and market its own diamonds that bas become extremely popular in Asia, particularly in Japan and Taiwan, and in the European Union, and the United States of America. In the same year or 2003, Hearts and ArrowsTM expanded its operations to the Philippines as its next major business hub in South East Asia.

Today, Hearts and ArrowsTMPhilippines, is the authorized distributor of Hearts and Arrows perfect cut diamonds in the Philippines, with a total of eleven (10) Hearts and ArrowsTMJewellery Stores strategically located in key cities and commercial destinations in the country.